The Lash vs. The Kingsblood Killer

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The Lash vs. The Kingsblood Killer Empty The Lash vs. The Kingsblood Killer

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 08, 2018 12:52 pm

Two grizzly murders happen a fortnight apart, with a peculiar link - a Kingsblood flower pressed against each of their lips. The two victims, both women of young age, have no other ties and the city guard has branded the events as unsolved burglaries. Crossing the alleys under cover of night, The Lash makes his way to the cemetery where the second victim is likely to be cremated soon.

You perch high above the cemetery on one of the mausoleum steeples, surveying the restful dead. Up ahead the creaking of the iron gate catches your ear, and a wooden cart rolls over the moss covered cobblestones towards the mausoleum. The cart is wheeled by a wrinkled old dwarf with a snow white beard stained with grave dirt and soot. The cart is covered by a large burlap cloth, but you make out a foot dangling from the carts end - a solemn sight. 

As you watch the dwarf walk the cart closer, he suddenly stops and pulls a shovel from the cart in a flash. "I only gots two gargoyle statues in this here 'yard, not neither o' them on the mausoleum! If you's a demon I won't go 'thout a fight! Stojn Cinerary don't fear the livin' or the dead!" The dwarf swings the shovel back and forth in a less than successful attempt to intimidate the 'demon'. 

  • Leap from your perch and ask the dwarf about the murder. [Roll Diplomacy]
  • Interrogate the dwarf as a 'demon'. [Roll Intimidate]


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The Lash vs. The Kingsblood Killer Empty Re: The Lash vs. The Kingsblood Killer

Post by handcannon00 on Wed Jan 10, 2018 6:28 pm

[I Intimidate, 14]

The Lash thinks to himself, "Well, since the idea is already in his head..."

He picked up the ventriloquism skill, of throwing his voice, back when the town was still a cyclops' fort, and he himself a slave. It came in handy fooling orcs, and it should come in handy here.

The Lash throws his voice to a tombstone behind the dwarf, and says "Ah, but you will fear me, mortal." The dwarf - Stojin, he recalls - gives an anticipated yelp as he stumbles around to attack the voice. But of course, no one is there for the shovel to meet.

The Lash keeps moving his voice every time Stojin moves his head, saying "But don't worry too much, dwarf. You would be a far too chewy a meal for me." Then, a heavy, exaggerated inhale from the nostrils, and then "Ah, an innocent. Such a shame when they go so young. But her killer! Hmm, I do love how the sin of murder flavors the soul..."

Stojin can feel the toothy grin in the next statement. "So, Stojin Cinerary, tell me more about this poor girl..."


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